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Acid Inhibitor

Metal parts are dipped in acid baths for removal of rust and scale. Acids always tend to abrade metals even after removal of scale or rust. Acid inhibitor are used in acid pickling baths to prevent loss of base metal after proper pickling. It also prolongs life of acid baths.


Metal surfaces have to be free from rustings and scale for following operations in galvanize, wire drawing and tube drawing lines. High volumes of acid are consumed in such industries. Use of inhibitor limits acid attack to base metal, therefore savings are gained from minimum amount of base metal loss and prolonged life of acids. Acid inhibitors also reduce releasing of acid fumes which is harmful for workers. Gas inhibitors can be used in case of intense release of fumes from pickling bath.

ARON- 400 - Acid Inhibitor
INCIT 41 is used in hydrochloric acid baths. Use concentration is in the range of %1 - %2 of concentrate acid. Pickling and scale removal is faster when high concentarte pickling bath is prepared, therfore sufficient amount of inhibitor must be used accordingly. It limits unwanted HCl attack to base metal and prevents considerable amount of raw metal lost especially in wire drawing and metal tube drawing lines.