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Acidic Degreasers / Cleaners

Acidic cleaning is commonly preffered for the metal parts aslo need rust removal. Rust, scale and soot cleaning can be made by acidic type degreasers. Iı is suitable to treat various kind of metals such as aluminium, steel, iron...etc.

However acidic degreasing baths can work at ambient temperatures, it is advantagous to work at higher temperatures to have more efficient degreasing and derusting. Acidic degreasing products include surfdactants, emulfifying agents, inhibitors and acids (phosphoric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric acids). Treating solution has strong acidic nature, hence bath material must be made of stainless steel or PP. It must be avoided to work too high concentration of chemicals.

Treatment bath can be prepared in the range of % 5 - 50 concentration depending on grease / oil on the metal surface. Treating time can prolong up to 1 - 2 hours while working with low concentrations. Important parameters in acidic degreasing baths are total acid and treating time. Reduce in total acid indicates reduce in concentration, at this point chemical addition is needed. Excessive amount of metal wearing is prevented by using of inhibitors. Inhibitors provide raw metal protection after rust and scale removal and prolong bath life. For the treament of aluminium, acid inhibitors are not used because it is a desired thing to have etched surface for subsequent applications.

KOMER L8 - Acidic Degreaser
KOMER L8 T is an acidic degreaser for aluminium surfaces prior to chromate coating working at ambient temperatures. Beside a good degreasing, it makes a light etching on the surface which prepares the surface for subsequent chromating operation. Treatment is made under following conditions; % 3 - 5 chemical concentration, 20 - 50 °C degree temperature and 2 - 7 minutes of treating time.