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Iron Phosphate Coatings

Iron phosphate coating is the most used method of phosphate coatings mainly consist of spraying lines. It is preferred for its easy maintenance, simple control and lower operating costs despite having lower corrosion resistance than zinc phosphate coating. Iron phosphating is suitable for iron, steel and galvanized (zinc) metals in immersion or spray treatment lines. Neutral degreasing chemicals can be used in iron phosphating bath, so that degreasing and phophate coating can be made in the same treatment bath. Use concentration of the iron phosphate coating chemicals are less when compared to zinc phosphate coating. Iron phophate process has also the advandage of low formation of phosphate sludge.


For more detailed technical information;


  PERLI I2- Immersion Iron Phosphate

It is a dip application iron phosphate coating chemical suitable for the treatment of iron, steel and zinc- galvnaized materials. Metal parts must be free from grease, oil and rusting before iron phosphating. Commonly, it is a type of a product which is preffered for the coating of metals located indoor. Corrosion resistance can vary according to type of powder coating (epoxy polyester or polyester). It deposits an iron phosphate coating between 0,2 - 0,8 g/m² on the surface, ranging in color from blue - light yellow - red - grey. Working temperature of the phosphating bath is in the range of 50-55 °C degree and treatment time is between 5 - 10 minutes according to bath concentration and temperature. pH of the treatment solution is very important, it has to be between ph 4,0 - 5,5.



  PERLI I4 - Immersion Iron Phosphate

It is a powder form iron phosphate product applied by immersion for the coating of steel and iron. Metals must be free from grease, oil and rusting prior to iron phosphate coating. Generally it is applied to the metals that do not require high corrosion resistance. After phosphate coating, passivation treatment provides better paint adhesion on the surface. Coating weight varies between 0,2 - 1,0 g/m².50-55 °C degree temperature with time duration of 5 - 10 minutes is enough for an adequate coating. pH of the treatment solution has to be in the range of ph 4,0 - 5,5.

  PERLI I3 - Spray Iron Phosphate

It is a spray application iron phosphate product suitable for the treatment of iron, steel. It is used with pH optimizer while preperation of the bath. High paint adherance and superb corrosion resistance can be obtained in case of all parameters of the phosphating bath are applied well. It is possible to reach salt spray test results similar to zinc phosphate coating in case of polyester powder coating is applied after iron phosphate. Passivation treatment provides better paint adherance after phosphating. Degreasing can be employed in iron phosphate coating lines separately or combined with iron phosphating solution. Neutral degreasers can be used together, alkaline degreasers can be only used in a separate bath. Coating weight is between 0,2 - 1,0 g/m². Treating temperature must be between 50-55 °C deg. It is ipmortant hold pH value of the iron phosphate bath in the range of 4,0 - 5,5 to get proper coating. Depending on total acid and temperature, phosphate coating is formed on the surface in 3 - 4 minutes with a spray pressure of 1,2 - 1,6 bar.