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Corrosion Protection Fluids / Protective Chemicals

Corrosion protection fluids are generally used for temporary corrosion protection of metals. Zinc phosphate and iron phosphate conversion coatings, especially low weight coatings, do not have enhanced corrosion protection on their own. Rusting can occur easily on the surface. Corrosion protection chemicals are used to provide temporary corrosion resistance that can protects metal until application of paint or protective lubrication.

ANTICOR R 10 - Corrosion Protection Fluid

ANTICOR R 10 is formulated to provide corrosion protection for iron and steel materials. It can be used after degreasing, zinc phosphate coating or iron phosphate coatings. Corrosion protection can last a couple of days in normal conditions. Treatment is made under following conditions; % 1 - 2 chemical concentration, at ambient temperature. pH of the solution must be between 8 - 10. Out of optimum range treatment, a fresh bath must be prepared.


ANTICOR R 7 - Corrosion Protection Compound

ANTICOR R 7 is an temporary corrosion protection fluid applied by immersion. It is a suitable product to be used after degreasing and phosphate conversion coatings. Use concentration is between % 1 - 2 at ambient temperatures. It is recommended to prepare a new bath out of pH 8 - 10.