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Manganese Phosphate Coatings

Manganese phosphate coating process is generally used for the coating of metal parts that work under oily environment. It prevents galling and provides excellent wear protection on iron and steel. Oil treatment is commonly employed as post treatment. Manganese phosphating is mostly used in automotive and defence industries. Hovever having lower coating weight than heavy zinc phosphate coating, manganese phosphate coating has excellent oil absorbing ability that minimizes wearing of moving metal parts. Manganese phosphate coating is only possible by immersion. Activation pre-rinse has an important role to deposite finer crystalline compact coating on the surface. The color of the coating is dark grey, after oil treatment it becomes black.

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PERLI M7- Manganese Phosphate Coating

PERLI M7 is a liquid product formulated for the manganese phosphating of steel, iron and castings. Despite having thinner coating relatively, activation is a must have stage to provide extensive corrosion protection. Metals are rinsed and treated in protective oil after manganese phosphating. Coating weight is between 10 - 20 g/m². Temperature of the phosphating solution must be in the range of 90 - 95 °C. With a time duration of 5 - 15 minutes in phosphating bath is enough to obtain a proper coating.




PERLI M7/TA - Free Acid Optimizer

Important parameters in manganese phosphate coating baths are total acid, free acid, treating time and temperature. Manganese phosphating cannot be obtained properly when parameters are out of rquired range. There is total acid - free acid ratio in the phosphating bath. In the course of time, free acid value may rise. PHORYL MT 10 is used to reduce free acid and keep TA/FA ratio in the optimum level.