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Neutral Degreasers / Cleaners

Neutral degreasing products are generally used in iron phosphate coating lines to improve degreasing effect. Neutral degreasers do not have an influence on pH of iron phosphating solution which is in the range 4 - 6, hence iron phosphating and degreasing can be done in the same bath. It is not possible to use the same methot for zinc phosphate coating.


Neutral degreasers used in iron phosphating lines are preffered for their ability of working at low temperatures, low use concentration and high degreasing effect. Use concentration between % 0,2 - 2,0 is enough with a temperature in the range of 50 - 55 º C degree. Concentration of alkali and acidik degreaser can be determinet but neutral degreasers cannot.


Most important ability of neutral degreasing is working ability in iron phosphate coating solution. It is a very important cost saving method for large enterprises.

  DETERGENT M/S - Neutral Spray Degreaser

DETERGENT M/S A is a liquid, surfactants including degreaser product that can be used as additive to iron phosphaing baths or can be used separately. To be additive to iron phosphating bath, it is used under following conditions; 1,4 - 2,0 bar spray pressure, 50 - 65 °C working temperature. It is suitable for degreasing steel, iron, aluminium and galvanized surfaces.

DETERGENT M/D - Neutral Spray Degreaser

It is a liquid form neutral degreaser used in immersion baths. It has excellent cleaning / degreasing ability for general working in metal treatment industry. It is suitable for degreasing steel, iron, aluminium and galvanized surfaces and used under rollowing conditions 50 - 65 °C temperature 5 - 10 minutes and 2% - 3% .

DETERGENT M - Neutral Spray Degreaser

DETERGENT M  is a liquid neutral degreaser formulated for the treatment of iron, steel, copper, zinc (galvanize), aluminium and brass without making any darkening on the surface. Includinc inhibitors provides temporary corrosion protection. It can aslo be used in ultrasonic degreasing systems.