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Oxidation / Blackening Chemicals

oksidasyonOxidation chemicals are also called as oxidation salts or blackening salts. Oxidation treatment forms a dark colored corrosion resistant coating on iron, steel and die castings. After coating, metal parts go into protective lubrication for enhanced corrosion protection. The treatment is made in strong alkaline solution at 135-145°C degree of temperature. Coating is made while treatment solution is boiling.

 ARCO D8 - Blackening Compound

It is a powder form black oxidation chemical product suitable for coating of iron and die castings. Coating is formed in high alkaline solution by immersion application. Treating bath is prepared % 80 - 90 chemical concentration and metal parts are dipped in for 5 - 20 minutes at 135-145°C degree of temperature. Coated metal surface must be rinsed and must be treated with protective oil or lubricants afterwards.