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Rust Removers

Generally rust removing chemical products are considered as preperation chemicals for subsequent treatments after removal of rustings. Depending on chemical content, rust removers can make degreasing, cleaning. Some products include inhibitors which prevents base metal loss after rust removal. These type of chemical products can work at ambient temperatures but at higher temperatures ( 60-70 °C) cleaning, rust removing or descalling can be made more effectively. Chemical concentration is determined according to rusting and scale on the surface. Chemical concentration must be higher or trating time must be prolonged while treating heavly rusted metals.


CLEANOL A 18 - Rust / Scale Remover
CLEANOL A 38 is a rust and scale remover product formulated for iron and steel. Bath preperation is made in the range of concentration %20 - 50 according to scale / rusting on metal surface. It is a proper product to be used for derusting. Treating time totally depents on rusting on the surface, it varies between 10 - 60 minutes. Because of strong acidic content of treating solution, there is risk of flash rusting after rust removing, that's why treated metal parts must be rinsed quickly.

CLEANOL A 28 - Rust Remover / Degreaser
CLEANOL A 28 is a degreaser and rust remover product applied by immersion, wiping or brushing. Bath concentration is in the range of concentration %20 - 50. In case of brushing or wiping, lower concentrated solutions (around %10) can be prepared. It is a suitable product to Heating will improve rust removing. Treating time varies between 10 - 60 minutes depending on rusting and scale. Because of strong acidity, there is risk of re-rusting after rust removal operation. To prevent re-rusting cleaned metals must be rinsed quickly.

CLEANOL A 38 - Acidic Rust Remover / Degreaser
CLEANOL A 38 is an effective degreaser and rust removing product applied by immersion, wiping or brushing. Bath preperation is made with %20 - 50 chemical concentration. Including surfactants provide effective degreasing / cleaning. It aslo includes acid inhibitor that protects base metal against excessive abrasion. It is especially suitable for cleaning of metal surface prior to zinc phosphate or manganese phosphate coating. At higher temperatures rust removing and degreasing is more effective. Treating time is changeable from 10 minutes up to 60 minutes. It is a strong acidic product, therefore re-rusting can be seen on the treated surface unless water rinse is made.