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Yellow Chromate Coating

sari-kromat Yellow chromate is a type of hexavalent chromium coating that suitable for aluminium to provide high corrosion resistance and paint adherence. The surface to be coated has to be free from grease or oxidation layers. Yellow chromating can work at ambient temperature. Chromating is made in acidic soution, hence bath materials must be made of PP or stainless steel. Yellow chromate deposites a coating ranging in color light yellow to brown on aluminium surfaces. Darker color indicates higher coating. Because of environmental concerns, hexavalent chromium has to be converted to trivalent chromium while discharging.


                                                                                           ARCO 50/ L - Yellow Chromate Coating

ARCO 50/L is a liquid chromate product providing a high corrosion resistance on aluminium and zinc ranging in color from light yellow to brown. The treatment is available by immersion or spraying methods. Metal surface has to be degreased and etched before going in chromate treatment. There is no need of heating of chromate coating solution, coating bath can be employed at room temperature with a pH between 2 - 3. Treating time in coating soultion can vary according to bath concentration and pH. At high pH, speed of coating is low, treting time must be prolonged. Metals must be rinsed with deionized water after chromate coating and then must be dried at temperatures not above than 70 °C.


ARCO 50/ P - Aluminium Powder Chromate

ARCO 50/P is a powder form yellow chromate coating product formulated for aluminium and galvanized metals applied by immersion or spray. Color of the coated surface ranges from light yellow to dark brown. Dark color on the surface indicates heavy coating. The coating provides excellent paint bonding ability alongwith maximum level of underpaint corrosion protection. Etching and degreasing has to be done before chromating. Although REMOLINE 2603 bath can work at ambient temperature, temperature of the bath must not be allowed to reduce below 20 °C. Coating speed is low at lower tempreatures. Use concentration of the product is around %0,5 without need of accelerator. pH of the coating solution has to be between 2 - 3. Coating speed is low at high pH values. Chromate coated parts are rinsed with deionized water and then they are dried at temperatures not above than 70 °C.